Top 10 Student Trumpets for Sale

Published: 06th May 2011
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The name which tops the list of Top 10 Studentís Trumpet is no doubt the Yamaha YTR 2335. Yamaha is a reliable student Bb trumpet. It is a medium weight trumpet with an outstanding tone and playability. Excellent sound and great durability has earned this trumpet second place on our list of Top Ten Studentís Trumpet. Among the new brands, it is the most recommended trumpet and is the ideal instrument to begin the journey in the world of music. A brand new Yamaha YTR 2335 Student Trumpet is priced at around $1000; but you can get a used Yamaha YTR student trumpet in great condition for around $200 to $400.

Bach TR300 Student Trumpet, is second on our list of Top 10 Studentís Trumpet, is a good Bb trumpet designed especially for the students. It has excellent valve action and slide function; it produces clear sound and is easy to play.

Third in line is the good old Olds Ambassador. Excellent responsiveness, superb tone, smooth valve action and above all they are extremely durable. The quality and playability of an Olds Ambassador Student Trumpet is unparalleled. Due to the closure of the plant, the original Olds models are not being manufactured; however you can find many used Olds Ambassador Student Trumpets for sale within online stores.

With its warm tone and silver plate finish, the Getzen Student Trumpet stands forth on our list of Top Ten Student Trumpets. High quality, excellent feel, excellent intonation, good tonal color and built to last properties have made Getzen Student Trumpets quite popular.

We have placed the free blowing, easy to play Kanstul Student Trumpet fifth on our list. The rich tone, smooth valve slides, quick response and excellent intonation are some features of Kanstul Student Trumpets.

Conn Student Trumpets comes in sixth on the list. The Conn 201BR Bb Student Trumpet has great flexibility, a clear, clean sound and nice tone. It has almost all the features a student requires.

600NL, Jupiter Student Trumpets have made it to 7th on our list of Top 10 Student Trumpets. Jupiter has earned the reputation of producing high quality reliable student trumpets. The Jupiter 600NL has an overall good sound quality and decent tone. Quick response and swift valve action are other qualities of the Jupiter 600NL. It however needs improvement with its feel and finish.

Accent Student Trumpet occupies the eighth position. It is made in Germany and is quite durable. Lovely tone, good intonation and decently built are among the leading features of this trumpet. Though it is a good beginnerís instrument, some issues with their valves place it at number 8.

In the 9th position is the King Student Trumpet. The King Model Bb 601 Student Trumpet is a good beginnerís instrument with wonderful sound and superb valve action. Great tone and responsiveness made them ideal for beginners but the inconsistent finish is the biggest drawback of this otherwise excellent horn. These horns can be purchased in the range of $100 to $150

The Besson 609X1 Student Trumpet is at the tenth position on the list of Top Ten Studentís Trumpet list. The Besson 609X1 is an affordable student trumpet with good tone quality, nice finish and ease of playing but its clanky valves puts this trumpet in our last place position.

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